Valued Business Partner / An Extension of Your Team

Impact Connect USA (ICUSA) creates websites which represent our client’s vision and message to the digital world, or we improve the digital story which is already in place. Our goal is simple. Freeing up our client’s resources by creating/managing the online aspect of their business, allowing our customers to increase the resources they have available to focus on their core business processes. Simple yet powerful digital image and focus on the context of the content creats improved brand recognition. Let’s get noticed.

Company Overview

ICUSA’s top priority is the continued improvement of our delivered business solutions. Today’s marketplace is highly competitive and with the vast amount of digital data available to customers, many companies blend into the crowd. Our team places a sharp focus on generating a digital footprint and message for our customers which gets them noticed and enables success. We provide solutions for a full spectrum of businesses, from the start up to the well-established, and we will work with clients across the hemispheres. We have a strong belief that our devotion to detail and excellence is a business characteristic which allows us to be perceived by our customers’ as an unparalleled business partner and valuable asset.

Our Approach

At ICUSA, we consider our customer’s business as our own. To do otherwise would cause us to blend into the crowd. We believe an advertising firm must surpass the role of a counselor. So many speak of best practices when, in reality, “best practices never work in every scenario since that would be unreal.” In order to differentiate ourselves, it is paramount to become a part of our customers’ team and comprehend their business targets. Only then can we honestly play a role in attaining the maximum capabilities of their business. The proven approach is always to find the cause, no matter how small or evasive, and eradicate that flaw. Inevitably, that feeds true, unbeatable success.

Our Team

ICUSA founders come from a range of varying backgrounds; programming, process design, marketing and content management, customer support. We have industry leaders prepared to deliver customer-centric, scalable business solutions. The team was formed knowing that the market we operate in is so powerfully competitive. We knew our set of skills would be formidable. The ICUSA team members are highly trained and have an extensive background in digital marketing. Our specialists operate in tactical teams which are constantly comparing past experiences to the latest industry updates and standards. This philosophy allows us to generate business solutions which have interesting variations to known solutions.

Our Office


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Best Local SEO Company in USA

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Partner With Us

Your Business Will Thrive

Our unique business offering programs always:

  • Provide you with noticeable digital marketing techniques.
  • Keep you informed and up-to-date with the market.
  • Make your business known on the internet.
  • Respond quickly to any question or need.
  • Help you build a hassle-free business.
  • Generate new business strategies.
  • Deliver maximum results quickly.
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