The research and the time taken to determine the best keywords for your website is profitable and worthwhile. Reaping the results will not take long at all.

1. Proper keyword selection = increased sales

There are three main standard phases associated with web surfer activities while doing research when they are searching to query/purchase things online. This process starts with some general keyword types.

  • Browsing keywords

If the websurfer is looking for an MP3 player, they usually use a general keyword like “mp3” player.

A keyword such as this is usually used by surfers looking for general information only. These general terms will search frequently, and it will not assist in your ranking in the top 10 for these general keywords type. There is little chance that the person searching with a general term is looking to purchase. They are usually researching at this point.

  • Comparison keywords

Now that the searcher knows more about the product, they will look to narrow down their choices. If they see that they want an mp3 player that has a USB stick, their decisions have narrowed down, and their keyword searches will be more specific, such as mp3 player USB stick or Samsung mp3 player.

Individuals using these more specific types of keywords are ready to make a purchase. These types of keywords will have a lower search volume than more general terms but will generate more sales. You will also have a greater chance of ranking inside the top 10 for these keywords.

  • Buying keywords

The final phase of research is when the searcher knows what they want to buy. They want to figure out where they can get the lowest price. The surfer will use particular keywords like Samsung S8+. When they search this specifically, they are in “Show me the Money” mode.

These people are ready to buy, but they will not be interested in competing products.

2. You won’t get customers with single word keywords searches.

You will not be able to promote unique word keywords properly. If someone is looking for “free virus cleaner” they will not search for “software.”

They are very competitive

Single word keywords are also very competitive as they are vague and will, therefore, have millions of other web pages vying for spots at the top of the rankings. There is no way that a new site could rank at the very top for an established, single word keyword such as “mp3.”

Those who have been at the top of these rankings for years will have the established high link popularity to cement their position there.

Multiple word keywords = Higher conversions

Those who use multi-word keywords are more than likely in either the comparison phase or the buying phase of their research. They will be more likely to convert into a sale. So, they are in “I wanna show you the money, maybe” mode.

Your website will be more relevant to multiple word keywords

When a search engine analyzes your site, all of your pages will be put into context. Optimize all of your web pages for multiple-word keywords first of all.

If the search engine sees that you are ranked highly for many of these related keywords, it will improve your chances to rank well for single word keywords in the long run.

3. Know the intention of the searcher

Do not conclude that just because a keyword has a lot of monthly searches that it means it’s a good choice for you. You also have to account for what the searcher is looking for. If you want to book a hotel in New York, those who search for “book New York hotel room” are the type of people you are looking to target.

It all depends on the exact search. Different keywords are used for different intentions:

  • “hotel”

They may be interested in any information linked to hotels, such as job postings or historical information.

  • “New York”

The person is just looking for information about the area.

  • “New York hotel”

They are looking at the hotels in the area.

  • “New York hotel prices”

They want to look at the various hotel prices on offer.

  • “book New York hotel room”

They are ready to make a purchase.

With each term, you go to down the list, the probability of getting a sale from the searcher increases. We hope you see why targeting general, single word keywords is a mistake.