A great deal goes into the calculation for ranking your web pages; the search engines use complicated confidential mathematical formulas. The scientific name given them is the ranking algorithms. Due to their classified status, the search engine providers, of course, do not tell people exactly how these ranking algorithms function, but the team at IMPACT CONNECT USA have the tools to break down the effects that the ranking algorithms produce. We determine as carefully as possible the crucial components that your web page must contain to rank highly. We will not say we figured it out since this would not be accurate, but we come close, and that is an accomplishment.

The leading search engines utilize the same set of parameters in the ranking process. While the algorithms themselves vary and differ internally between search engines, the underlying principles and purpose are similar.

1) Major importance in having quality backlinks to your site

If another site links to your site, this is what the industry refers to as a backlink. The greater the number of backlinks, the higher your ranking. It is not magic. It is very straightforward. If a website links to another, this lets the reader know that this is a recommendation for the reader to visit this site. Moreover, the more times others recommend your site the higher the ranking algorithms rank your digital footprint.

Linking by itself is not sufficient. Having links across poor quality sites has little or no positive effect. High-quality links must occur for positive results. Having a link that has a multi-word keyword that you want to have a good ranking score for far exceeds seven links that have random text, such as “And that is not all.”

Critical items include links for quality sites and also having them related to your topic versus to unrelated sites.

IMPACT CONNECT USA has a variety of useful tools designed to link & build, thus giving you access to obtaining links that are of high quality using a proven, sound process.

2) Web Page optimization is a must

Google ranking algorithms quickly analyze content contained on web pages by taking into account a multitude of varying factors, subdivisions, word locations, type of fonts and items that vary based on undetermined factors. That is what makes it an involved process, IMPACT CONNECT USA has extensive experience in this area. They additionally compare content contained in your other web pages to verify relevance to what the searcher is researching or reading.

The resulting analysis by Google looks at the entirety of your web pages, so you will need to keep optimization as a top priority activity. Maintaining relevance amongst all these pages is key to rank highly.

Many who claim to offer great SEO services provide improved services, and some provide poor services. Some use canned approaches which worked at one point, but due to modifications in the ranking algorithms, no longer work. IMPACT CONNECT USA works with a tool called the Top 10 Optimizer. Our team can check which factors are most important for your specific type of web pages. This tool dramatically assists us. Combined with our expertise, we will team up with you and rank as high as possible on Google.

3) Having your company mentioned on social media

The previous items mentioned are of great importance, but you must not forget to pay attention to social network mentions about your website.

Your company receives an additional boost in its ranking when increased mentions are occurring on social media.

4) Take more than just one page

When Google looks at your site, it studies the complete setup. Each of your web pages will be analyzed to ensure that there is a consistency among them in addition to relevance.

Optimizing for different keywords on each of your pages is important. They all need to have a universal theme, glue, if you may, that blends and ties the ideas of your website together into a coherent end product. It is like creating a work of art, and this increases the chance that your rankings for particular keywords will be close to the top.

Do not just optimize one page. You must optimize your entire work of art. This is known as your Digital Footprint. IMPACT CONNECT will partner with your team and create a masterpiece.