Should you use SEO or PPC to improve the online presence of your business? It is a question anyone with a website must answer. While the answer is different for different businesses, as each one has unique needs, there are definite universal pros and cons to each. Here is what you need to know about SEO vs PPC.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of arranging your website to naturally raise it higher in its search engine rankings for its keywords. By positioning your keywords in strategic places in the content, images, and HTML of your website, the search engines will push it farther up. In most cases, the longer you have your website and the higher quality content you put on it, the higher it will continue to rise.

That is the key to success with SEO. You have to continue to update your site with high quality, relevant content, and use your keywords in that content. However, do not stuff your content with your keywords, as the search engines will penalize your site for it. One keyword per 100 words is usually enough.

SEO has the advantage of bringing you natural, organic traffic over a long period of time. It also allows people to find you on their own, through their web searches, which can build brand loyalty. The disadvantage is that you need to update your content on a fairly regular basis to keep your high search engine rankings.


Pay per click (PPC) advertising gets your website to the top of the search engines for its keywords in an instant. With PPC, you pay for small ads to appear in search engine results for your keyword(s), and those results look like natural ones. It can bring your website a lot of traffic right away and is a great way for brand new websites to get noticed. The cons are that it costs money (with some keywords being really pricey), and you have to keep paying to maintain your top spots in the search engines for your keywords. If you want quick traffic, though, it is a great option.

Whether you prefer organic traffic over the long-term from natural visitors, or desire a flood of traffic right away and are willing to pay for it, there is a solution for you. You just need to know what is right for your business and go with it.

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