Running a business has so many items to manage that it becomes a juggling act. One of the balls you are juggling is your website. So you are unable to give it the attention it is due? There are claims that business owners will hear from some online markets which promise quick results. Our strategy employs a slow consistent and sustainable pace which marches us towards our customer’s goals.

Historically, some of these methods may have worked, and Google, is constantly with the use of algorithms, on the lookout for these shady practices. Google has been known to hand down severe penalties to the organization using them. There have been instances where they take a website off the Google Index.

No one likes to feel as though they have been cheated. Search engines are no different. Google engineers are always on the hunt for the latest spam methods in use by people to unfairly attempt to get to top rankings. The track record is evident. Every shady unfair method that has been used to boost rankings secretly has been identified and appropriate actions enforced by the search engine providers.

In the following we will list some methods that are considered to be spam by search engines:

  • Misleading URL redirects
  • Cloaking (when a web server system will show an alternate page to web surfers and code spiders in use by the search engine providers)
  • Automatically creating profiles in forums with site links Participation blog networks exist to link to other sites
  • Making blog comments which automatically link to your website.

If you engage in tactics like those mentioned and other shady practices, the providers will deal with the problem with some heavy blows. The providers have been known to even ban company websites. For this and many other reasons, safer and approved methods are preferred.

We provide a set of solutions which are safe and approved and great for all parties!

At IMPACT CONNECT USA, we only utilize SEO techniques that are safe and follow the guidelines set out by the respective search engines. These techniques have a name: “White Hat,” and they have many advantages:

  • Search engines: Prefer pages that are well laid out and easy to analyze and have the type of quality information that customers are searching.
  • Searchers: They get quality results when they search for specific keywords.
  • Owners of websites: They will get higher quality visitors that will be interested in buying the product or service that is being offered.

While safer SEO methods may take a bit longer for you to rank at the top of the search results, you will see the ranking grow consistently over time and in the long run, you will see great results.