Video & Animations

IMPACT CONNECT USA provides website design and development services for organizations, public and governmental institutions, municipalities and companies. Moreover, if you are in search of an expert and professional agency, then we are the right choice for you. At IMPACT CONNECT USA, we focus on your strengths while designing the web. We have the best in-house designers ready to give you high performance and user-centric experiences.

Custom Explainer Videos Based On Neuroscience

The content that we create will make your prospective customers’ minds understand the message clearly and prepare them to buy your product or service.


We create the content in a way to get emotionally connected with the prospective customers.


The content that we create is visually appealing and engaging and attractive for everyone.


To ensure the compelling nature of the content, we make sure it is to the point regarding product or service.


Our team ensures to create content that stands out against the competition.


Long Lasting

The visual message will always be your best brand ambassador and long-lasting. So, our priority to provide you with durable animated videos.



Most of the time people make a quick decision after seeing a video, so your prospective customers will convert into sales.

Why you should use our animated video services

We will help your site get more views:

Our unique and creative animated videos will capture the eyes of more potential customers and make them your most loyal visitors.

We will smoothly transform passive visitors to loyal customers:

Trust in a brand is a prime factor in the purchase decision. Adding a level of visual appeal adds to the prospective customers’ choice. Our animated videos never fail to help to close the deal.

Quick Quality Delivery:

IMPACT CONNECT USA prides itself on our ability to deliver those animated videos to your website quickly.

No hidden fees or extra charges:

We do not like surprises when it comes to pricing, and neither do you. Our pricing is transparent and per project, just the way you like it.

Extra revisions:

Getting new updates, revisions and changes done are always right in fact, they make the animations better.

If you are in need and want to order and request yours, then our video and animation services are the ones which you can rely on. Our services are affordable and flexible as well.

If you are in need of professional lip sync, animated or explained video service, then our team at IMPACT CONNECT USA is here to exceed your expectations with top quality narration and animated video services that meet the latest trends in the industry.

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